Paintball, defined by the Oxford Dictionary as a “War-game” is a popular outdoor sport played by many extreme sport enthusiasts across the globe. It is a game which can be played in teams or individually; the main objective of the game is to ‘capture the flag’ however there are many variations to this rule nowadays.

The basic strategy players need to keep in mind is to eliminate their opponents by tagging them with gelatine shells or capsules which contain water soluble dyes commonly known as “Paintballs”. These are propelled by devices known as ‘Paintball Markers’ or  ‘Paintball Guns’.

Paintballing challenges physical, tactical and team-based skills to the fullest, and being easy to pick up yet hard to master, the sport is perfect for competitive play. The sport has gone mainstream in the past decade and is played at professional levels worldwide, involving Tournaments, Leagues, Professional teams etc. There are many professional Paintball Leagues across the United States, Europe and Asia, and organized competition is continuously gaining in popularity. Paintball technology is also commonly used by Para-military, Law enforcement and Security organizations to enhance their practical training.

The game can be played on both outdoor and indoor fields of different sizes. Tactical cover is scattered across the game field, which can be on either a natural or artificial landscape.

Rules depend on whether gameplay is team-based or free-for-all as well as the specific game variation. On a professional level, game rules are firmly enforced and it is mandatory for players to wear protective gear.